We provide low cost prefabricated fast track multistory solutions that can be built in days and weeks instead of months and years. AFS have developed and value engineered a unique trussed design construction method using light gauge steel allowing us to build up to 5 storeys without the need for any red iron, concrete or block while achieving superior seismic and wind load ratings. Our systems are designed to be built with minimal labor requirements and skills with simple to follow drawings and connection/erection methods. The prefabricated building components consisting of light gauge steel wall panels, open web floor truss systems and roof trusses. can be shipped to any site around the world from our manufacturing plant in Miami.


AFS LOAD BEARING WALL PANEL - A fully-panelized prefabricated wall system designed with superior strength to replace the need for red iron, concrete and block walls, with greater dimensional stability, and quicker installation capabilities, from plans through fabrication straight to job-site. AFS wall panel is a complete, flexible, and compatible light gauge steel, load bearing wall system with all window and door openings created at the data input stage to ensure a dimensionally perfect wall panel. Panels are ready to accept an endless list of available exterior finishes. Wide choice of insulation solutions to various climate conditions. We recommend using spray insulation with our system to achieve an air tight energy efficient home. Our 5.5 inch structural wall/roof panels can achieve R-values of up to 35. 



AFS DROP IN FLOOR - This complete fast floor solution is simply delivered to site and craned into position. Designed and built to the customer’s exact specifications, the floors are built using the AFS FLOOR TRUSS and arrive on site finished with either Cement Particle Board, T&G chipboard moisture resistant flooring, ready to accept final floor finishes or with dovetail steel decking, ready to accept a lightweight concrete screed. Floors can be built to full room sizes and are ideal for all construction methods. This system is one of the fastest flooring systems available!


AFS ROOF TRUSS - A precision designed roof truss that is engineered and manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications and site conditions. The structural strength and stability of steel allows the truss to span large areas and is suitable for use in all traditional construction methods. As steel is 1/3 the weight of timber but far stronger, steel is the obvious choice for all roofing applications.

AFS DROP ON ROOF - The complete fast roof solution that greatly reduces on-site time and health and safety issues associated with working at height including plant and scaffolding costs. Factory controlled manufacture achieves a higher level of build quality than on-site roof construction The roof sections can be manufactured to exact requirements and can include dormer window details and support for rainwater goods. The AFS drop on roof can be supplied as steel structure or with roof covering allowing for minimum site work.