nThe need for Affordable Housing is one of the worlds most urgent problems we face today. No human being should be forced to live in the conditions that they are living in countries around the world. We aim to help solve this by providing low cost housing units for the Global market designed and produced to project needs and budgets. Units are available in various kit forms from our manufacturing facility in Miami or we can provide on-site manufacturing services for large scale projects, construction of units including Project Management services for large scale projects are available.Temporary or permanent manufacturing facilities will be set up on-site dependant on project requirements and size. The training of local labor and procurement of local materials will ensure the local economy is stimulated for the project duration. With new skills and knowledge of construction techniques, local labor forces will continue to stimulate the economy beyond the project.


"Please take one minute to imagine yourself and your family living in these conditions"

Affordable Housing units have a Prefabricated Light Gauge Steel structure with various low cost external and interior finish options available. Kits can be supplied at various levels of finish to meet required project budget, site conditions and labor skill levels. All building materials that are required for project completion can be supplied including all windows, doors, drywall, bathroom and kitchen  fixtures and cabinets with electrical and plumbing fixtures and fittings.





Various house models and sizes available for all markets and requirements. Below is our New Florida low income house model which is available to purchase in various levels of kits and will soon be available as a turn key house at developments in Florida, please enquire about available developments.


Standard Affordable Housing Model Specifications

Materials supplied from AFS Miami Manufacturing Plant.

Design/Build ServicesWe will work with your home plan and advise the most cost efficient method and materials to achieve your design. We provide full CAD services and can reproduce your plans to suit our construction techniques and materials for submittal to your regional building authority. We provide a full set of signed and sealed engineering calculations and drawings with each structure. Green Build Specifications with ENERGY STAR and LEED certification options for local authority building approval, together with on site erection training and on going contractor backup advice. For large scale affordable housing projects we can provide various levels of key personnel from AFS construction system trainers/supervisors to full turn key general contracting services.
WallsAFS light gauge steel engineered load bearing 5.5" wall frame panels which can be supplied in various kit forms or for large developments can be manufactured on site by our mobile rollformers with operators and assembly crew. We can provide training of local labor forces in panel assembly and construction techniques.  
Roof FramingAFS Prefabricated Light Gauge Steel roof trusses or roof panels dependant on local wind/snow loads.
Porches/Veranda'sPainted galvanized steel posts.
RoofMetal roofing is recommended for cost, durability and ease of installation. We can provide on site metal roofing manufacturing for large developments.
WindowsColored Aluminum, Impact resistant.
Joinery / DoorsBudget level timber doors (steel reinforced exterior doors for security risk areas). Cement particle board soffits, trims etc.
InsulationWide choice of solutions to various climate conditions. We recommend using spray insulation with our kits to achieve an air tight energy efficient home. Our 5.5 inch structural wall/roof panels can achieve R-values of up to 35.  
Exterior/CladdingChoice of painted timber siding "look" (cement fibre siding) or for stucco finish we use fibre cement boards sprayed or trowelled with a vast selection of elastomeric stucco finishes and colors.
FixingsAll self-drilling screw fixings, bolts, panel anchors, hurricane tie down connections, locks, sealants and accessories.
ToolsSupply of any tools you require from our suppliers we have set up good discounts with.(optional).
LoadingForklift loading onto truck for pick‑up or delivery.

Options include exterior architectural products including stacked stone corner "look" finishes, polystyrene architectural moulds etc.  

Important Note:Windows sizes and insulation will vary to achieve a five star energy rating in some areas, at extra cost.

Materials supplied from our Miami Manufacturing Plant.

InsulationWide choice of solutions to various climate conditions. We recommend using spray insulation with our kits to achieve an air tight energy efficient home. Our 5.5 inch structural wall/roof panels can achieve R-values of up to 35.  
Interior Linings1/2 inch gypsum board wall (MR moisture board for bathroom and kitchen areas) and ceiling sheeting, including cornices and all finishing materials.
Doors & RobesBudget level timber doors. Melamine shelving. Steel hanging poles.
Kitchen/Bathroom Wide choice from various suppliers to suit project requirements and budgets.
TrimsMDF Including skirting, architraves and window sills.
Plumbing FixturesSink, bath, basins, showers and trough with cabinet, pans and dual flush cisterns with seats.


Packing and loading of all components for pick-up or delivery.
Important NoteAll items not listed can be supplied.


Owner / Builder erection: If you choose to erect and finish your home yourself, you will still need to budget for having your concrete pad, electrics, plumbing and drainage, etc. undertaken by contractors. These costs will vary depending upon your choice of home and its location and will be in addition to the cost of the External and Internal Kits.

Contractor erection to turn-key stage:If you decide to use a sub-contractor to erect your External Kit to final stage, you will need to allow for this cost and any other expenses that the sub contractor may charge for, e.g. travelling expenses.

Using a Registered Builder: Alternatively, you may choose to engage a Registered Builder to construct your home entirely. In order to obtain a quote, you will need to supply plans of your home and details of its location, site, internal fit-out, etc.

Your appointed AFS Home Kit Design Consultant can assist you with further information on options and their associated costs.